The Origin
Parsi da Dhaba was established on 3rd May 2009, by Urvaksh (grandson of Nariman Ardeshir Hoyvoy, founder of Parsi Dairy Farm and son of Naval Nariman, founderof Dairyland) and Amy Hoyvoy, out of a passionate desire to showcase and present the robust and delicious Parsi Cuisine to non Parsi's world over. Parsi food is absolutely unique, it has its basic ancestry from Persia, but after years of living and assimilating in India, Parsi cuisine adopted the spices and methods creating a robust, gregarious and very unique cuisine. A thorough bred Parsi / Irani is a man/woman who is as comfortable wearing well stitched suit/formal dress enjoying a French souffele as he/she is in his/her pyjamas sweating over their marghina Farcha and mutton Dhansak.

There are several stories about my journey & relationship with food, which I have described in the Menu under each item. Parsi da Dhaba is a mile stone in Parsi Cuisine, following strict recipes handed down from great grandmothers, even to the extent of buying spices all over India where ever they lived and bought the spices from. Although we must eat to live, we must also look forward to life and of course, eating well. In this grand endeavor we the founders dedicate our life.